Friday, March 02, 2007

Woo…, I am honored

Luk-luk one of my notorious nephew

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What a relief….. Was too pre-occupied with the given task. Woo…, I am honored to have Sheih of Kickdefella; the creator of Bloggers United: No Fear logo and Susan Loone the owner of the of the Bloggers United Official Page to drop by this infant blog of mine. Bro Sheih and Susan, thank you very much. Bloggers United really inspire me to blog.

Because of being infected by procrastination, my promised to sis Nuraina and bro Mullah is not yet fulfill. Well ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Well in this post I will try to come up with it lah.

Few years back before Miri became the second city in Sarawak, a long lost friend of mine was on the way back from Limbang to KL. There is no direct flight for that sector, so he and his son need to change aircraft in Miri. When arriving Miri they had few hours before their flight departs to KL. So he took the opportunity to get in touch with me to meet up.

Since my better half was busy to finish her paper on “Pusau / Ngalang Anak” - the naming ceremony of the Kenyah community, so I went to the airport all by myself. His flight was in the evening, so saya ajak lah kawan saya untuk melihat Bandar miri dan seterusnya makan malam. On our way back to the airport something happened, I took another route.

Me: “OMG!!!”

Friend: “Why???”

Me: “This route also JAM lah”

Friend: “Where????????”

Me: “See in front there”

Friend: “The traffic is clear and the flow is steady so where is the JAM?”

Me: “Hai ya this is traffic jam lah brother. See so many cars in front.”

So my friend’s son start counting the cars, and told us that there were around fifteen to twenty cars ahead of us. My friend was laughing all the way. He told me how he wish this type of traffic jam is happening in KL, so that he will not be worried going to work.

Well sis and bro, to have a virtual tour of Miri please visit this site here.