Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A long distant call from China.....

After a short online chat with sister Marina this morning (Bon voyage and safe return sis), I received a long distant call from an ambassador who’s working in Beijing, China. This is the third call I received from him this year. As a freelance who had just finished clearing all the outstanding tasks, and now back to the normal “jobless" blogger, it’s a checkmate dude! What good explanation I can come out with now for not coming to meet him there?
Maybe I should tell him I’ll be there if I could travel in the soul plane. I would love the plane like the one in my dreams.

Yeap... more or less like this.......

Here is for the pilot Sheih and Rocky's Bru

Here is the sit for Clemfour visitors

Meeting place for the "jobless" blogger

Dining place

Resting place for BigDog and Zewt

Siesta place for Zorro

The wash room

Here of course, for all my sister bloggers

THIS only one person so far qualified!!!

Would it be nice if all the "jobless" bloggers can have the experience to travel in comfort to meet friends?