Monday, March 26, 2007

Am I ready????

Out of the blue, last Friday I received a text message from Sheih of Kickdefella’s blog. This is the opening of the sms “Sheih is searching for Al Ghazalli. His journey now taken him to ….”. So mission Al Ghazalli started and yesterday 25th march, he named the operation as Da Ghazalli Code.

In his posting he said, “In pursuit for the elusive Al Ghazalli, we will need Malaysians to volunteer to follow my Badak whenever he is in Perth. Preferably our volunteer will be Malaysians who are currently residing in Perth.

We need to know my Badak’s movement in Perth. We need to know where he sleeps and where he goes for his golf goofing sessions. If he ventures into the casino, we need to get a copy of the close circuit television recording."

Here are some pixs taken in Perth where at the time the people of south Malaysia is suffering from one of the worst flood in Malaysian history.

Brother Sheih, thank you for the poster. One of these days you will see the face and the eyes behind the cloth. Will it be like this ??????

It’s all in the eyes... innocence…never lose it!
We are born with two eyes in front,
because we must not always look behind.
But see what lies ahead, beyond us.

We are born to have two ears,
one left one right so we can hear both sides.
Collect both the compliments and criticisms,
to see which are right.

We are born with a brain concealed in a skull.
Then no matter how poor we are, we are still rich.

For no one can steal what our brains contains.
Packing in more jewels and rings than you can think.

We are born with two eyes, two ears, but one mouth.
For the mouth is a sharp weapon, it can hurt, flirt, kill.
Remember to talk less, listen and see more.

We are born with only one heart, deep in our ribs.
It reminds us to appreciate
and give love from deep within.
----unknown author---