Sunday, March 18, 2007

BIOS POST freezes.....

Still feeling disappointed, so I decided to take on some challenge today. Yesterday I collected my AcerPower SD from the repair shop. The technician told me it’s beyond repair. Well, they charged me RM30 for the inspection and cleaning up the spider webs.

It all started with the power failure. When the power was back and when I was trying to start up the PC, bios post freezes.

BIOS ROM checksum error
Keyboard error or no keyboard present

Detecting floppy drive A media…

And it will hang there forever.

So I had to go to back to basics in computer hardware. Luckily my faithful old 286AT had some notes about how to become a hacker and bring my machine back to live. I know mostly people are confused about the word “hacker” and “crackers”. The basic difference is hackers build things and crackers break them. Unfortunately, many writers and journalists have been fooled into using the word ‘hacker’ to describe crackers; this irritates real hackers endlessly.

So I dismantled all the components and start to put it back together one by one. When I tried to start it up, the screen still showed the same error message. So, leaving me with no option to flush the BIOS. I started with the easy part of fixing first that is, by removing the battery and also changing the jumper. Both didn’t work.

I downloaded the utility to update the bios supplied by the manufacturer, unfortunately it doesn’t work with my machine. I was a bit lucky today because I found a freeware utility to flush and update the bios. With a bit of tweaking, I managed to make the program run. It was a success. The computer is running and I’m happy and the kids are happy too. Less fighting for the computer now.

What had happened to our leaders nowadays ?????

"Don't listen to the stories in the internet, they are all myths," That’s what Najib said in Pekan about internet rumour regarding the rift between him and Abdullah. Read what 3540 Jalan Sudin got to say.

Last night In Tv3 the battle between Lim Keng Yaik and M. Kayveas.

From the Star: Just answer allegations, Pak Lah tells Johari

Most of all I still like TDM on corruption and other issues.

“I didn’t know he was corrupt” - that was former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s response when asked as to why he appointed Zulkipli Mat Noor as the Anti-Corruption Agency chief in 2001.

“They never told me that he was corrupt,” he said.
Mahathir said from the reports given to him, he was under the impression that Zulkipli was clean and the right person to helm the agency. headlines “

Here is the URL video clip from

Zealously Errant Rodent Oligarchy (ZERO)

Only deception since W's Presidential inception.
Fake WMD's and other sleaze.

Medicare lapse, coming collapse?
Integrity in short supply, makes one cry!
Corruption eruption!
Exploding debt, financial threat!
Angry unemployed, slowly destroyed!
No child left behind, W says, 'Ebrythang iz phine.'
Declining schools, because of these fools!

---- by Mark H. Wilson.