Friday, April 06, 2007

Finally The National Bloggers Alliance is here..

My flight got delayed, but at last I’m in Miri. Woooo…. The thousand miles journey is worthy man! It marked the end of my “virtual friendship status” with the key bloggers in the National Bloggers Alliance. Brother and sister bloggers, Thank you very much for the hospitality given. All of you are great leaders in this blogosphere.

Brother Sheih, sorry to make you do the multiple round in the peak hour at Jln TAR to locate and pick me up to NPC. I enjoyed having your company. Although we just met for the first time, but the feeling is as if we've known each other centuries ago. By the way, my big BOSS is ok. She anticipated the delay.

Brother Mat Salo and Zorro, you guys are great, dudes. Well, do email me the pictures and your phone contact. Forgot to ask last night ‘cos too occupied with brother BigDog, Shar101, The Malay Male, and RPK.

My two favorites sister bloggers Write Away and 3540 Jalan Sudin, although I was not able to spend much time with both of you, Sister QueenB was there to enjoy the foods and entertain us with a few songs.

Last but not least, Brother Rocky, yes it’s a pleasure to meet you too.
I'll update again tomorrow… got to hit the sack.