Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shar101........mana janji mu

Dear shar101,

Today it has been almost one week since we last met. So how are you getting on with the setting of your blog? So far the results of the scanning of the new strain virus of NAB by the 286AT machine only showed this for shar101

I understand that Mr. CGOPD and his surgeon friend had successfully done the sexual transplant for you, so that this new strain of NAB virus will be undetected by the old machine.

But wait…… you forgot that Mat Salo had help me to build a cluster machine of 286AT and the Intel Core 2. Finally I got a much better result and image.

So how brother? Don’t tell me you need two more NAB meeting to start your blog. A voice is waiting for you at SOPO Sentral of Malaysia.

Very interesting brother. Sheih going to Kelantan and Amin Iskandar is back in "bolehland". Do enjoy the farewell gathering tonight and warm regards to our friends there.


Anon. Fm Miri